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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I pay Salik Violations?
Salik Violations can be paid by visiting www.rta.ae and clicking Fines Enquiry & Payment.

They can also be paid through the Dubai Police website for Dubai violations or Abu Dhabi Police website for Other Emirate violations, by visiting the Vehicle Registration Department or through internet banking if you are an Emirates NBD customer. 
Where can I purchase my Salik Tag?
You can purchase your Salik tag from selected branches of Emarat, EPPCO/ ENOC or ADNOC petrol stations and also from Dubai Islamic Bank or Emirates NBD Bank.


If you have not received a SMS from Salik within 10 days of purchase acknowledging that your new tag was registered, you should contact Salik. This is only for tag purchased through any of the retail outlets.

As of 1 Jan 2016, you can also purchase your tag on-line through Salik website and have it delivered directly to you by going to Purchase Salik Tag Online. Tags purchased online will be activated automatically once payment is successful.

What happens if I don’t have a Salik tag and I pass through a Salik Toll Gate?
If you pass through a Salik toll gate without a Salik tag on your vehicle, you must purchase a tag within 10 days to open a Salik account or add the new tag to your existing Salik account. Failure to do this will result in toll violations of AED 100 for the first day you pass, AED 200 for the second day and AED 400 for each subsequent day you pass through the gate
How much does the subscription and tag cost?
The cost of SALIK subscription is AED 100, including AED 50 for cost of tag and 50 for the prepaid toll balance will be added into Salik account.
Can I drive through the toll zone immediately after buying a tag?

Yes. If your tag is installed properly and a tag application form has been submitted with all the required information, the toll will be charged to your account and no violation will occur.

If you have not received a SMS from Salik within 10 days of purchase acknowledging that your new tag was registered, you should contact Salik.
Will I have a separate account for every tag?
No. Every vehicle must have its own unique tag and you can register as many tags as you like on one Salik account, as long as all the related vehicles have the same Traffic File Number.
Can I have a different Salik account for each of my vehicles?
No. One Traffic File Number can only be on one Salik account and vice versa except if you have a different Traffic File Number for a vehicle registered with another Emirate. In such a case both Traffic File Numbers can be on the same account.
Can I add vehicles (tags) to my existing account?

Yes. When you fill out the application while purchasing the tag, indicate that you have an existing account. Let us know the account number and the new tag will be added to your existing account.

If you do not receive a SMS from Salik within 10 days of purchase acknowledging that your new tag was registered, you should contact Salik. 
How do I recharge my Salik account?
You are able to recharge your Salik account using the method that is most convenient to you such as through participating Banks, the Salik web site, the Smart Salik App, by Mobile Payment, by SMS, by using one of the many Salik kiosks or by calling 800-SALIK (800-72545). Depending on the channel you choose you can use your credit card, a Salik Recharge card, an e-Voucher, direct debit from a bank account, or cash. Click Here to find out more.
How do I check my account balance?
You can verify your account balance by calling 800-SALIK(72545) or by accessing your Salik account via the web at www.salik.ae or via Kiosks.
What happens if I don’t have enough funds in my account when I use Salik?
If you do not have enough balance in your Salik account and fail to recharge your Salik account within 5 days, you will receive a toll violation of AED 50 each day you pass through a Salik toll gate. To avoid these toll violations, you should always maintain sufficient balance in your account by recharging through one of the various channels available such as the Salik Web site, participating banks or Salik Recharge Cards or e-Voucher.
How do I manage my Salik account online?

In order to access your online account, you need to set up a username and password by visiting www.salik.gov.ae. Managing your Salik account online allows you to:

  • Recharge your own or a friend’s account
  • Add a tag/vehicle to your account
  • View your toll trips
  • View any violations received
Does Salik notify me through SMS of issues and changes on my Salik account?
Yes, Salik will notify you about any changes on your Salik account, in addition you can find out about your current balance through the toll system website www.salik.ae as well as the call center 800-SALIK (72545).
Is my violation a right violation if i did not receive any SMS from Salik advising that I did not have enough funds in my account?

Yes. Any SMS sent by Salik is for added customer service only. All Salik customers are responsible for ensuring that they have their tag registered and have enough funds in their account to pay any toll fees incurred. Customers can check their account balance through the Online Account Option or through the Salik Call Centre or via Kiosks.

What if I sell my vehicle, change my License Plate or purchase another one?

You must visit a Salik Customer Service Centre or call Salik Call Center on 80072545 right away. We need to deactivate your Salik tag so that your account is not linked to a vehicle you do not own, as you may continue to be charged for the trips that vehicle makes. You should also remove the tag from the windshield when you sell your vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle, you will need to purchase a new tag at a retail location and provide the details of your new vehicle and your existing account number.

If you have only changed your license plate, you need to visit a Salik Customer Service Centre or call Salik Call Center on 80072545 so that we can update the details on your account. This is to ensure that you do not receive violations in your account from your old plate number.
What if I damage or lose my tag?
If your Salik tag gets damaged or lost you will need to buy a new tag and replace it.
Can I switch the Salik tag between my two vehicles?

No, your Salik tag should ONLY be used on the vehicle it is assigned to in your Salik account. You cannot use the tag on another vehicle even if the other vehicle is registered in your name, you have to buy a Salik tag for each vehicle you own and wish to use to pass through the Salik toll gates. If you attempt to remove a Salik tag from a vehicle it will be damaged and will no longer work and you will be accountable for the subsequent violations.

Someone else was driving my car at the time of violation. Do I have to pay?
Yes. The owner of the vehicle is responsible for all tolls and violations, regardless of who was driving at the time the violation occurred.
Do I pay a toll fee for Al Maktoum Bridge even when Floating Bridge is closed?
No, passing through Al Maktoum Toll Gate is free when the Floating Bridge is closed (between the hours of 10pm – 6am Saturday to Thursday and 10pm – 9am on Friday).
If I pass through Al Safa toll gate and then Al Barsha toll gate, do I pay for both?
If you pass through the Al Safa and Al Barsha toll gates one after the other, within ONE hour and you do not exit the highway in-between the gates, you will only pay one toll fee.
How do I check if I have Salik violations?
You can verify any Salik violations by accessing Violation Management on the Salik website www.salik.gov.ae. You can enter your vehicle’s license plate details and search for both paid and not paid violations.
What are the different types of Salik violation and how much are they?

There are two types of Salik violation – full details are in the table below

Violation Type


Amount (AED)

Insufficient Funds
(ISF Violations)

When you pass through a Salik toll gate with insufficient funds in your Salik account to cover the toll fee and no Salik account recharge has been made within 5 Business Days after the toll trip.

AED 50 each time you pass through a Salik toll gate.

There is a maximum of one violation per day.

Unregistered Plate
(URP Violations)

When you pass through a Salik toll gate with no registered Salik tag on your vehicle and no tag is purchased and registered within 10 Business Days after the toll trip.

AED 100 the first day time pass,

AED 200 the second time you pass,

AED 400 each subsequent time you pass.

There is a maximum of one violation per day.

I have received violations that I do not think are correct, what can I do?
If you wish to dispute a violation, you can submit a dispute online through Salik’s Violation Management area where an easy to follow wizard will guide you. Alternatively, you can visit any Salik Customer Service Centre and complete a Violation Dispute Form; a Salik customer service representative will be on hand to assist you. Your dispute will be processed and a decision will be sent to you, via SMS, within 15 working days. Note that you can only dispute a violation that has been posted to your account within the last 120 days.
I needed to re-register my car and have already paid the violation, can I still dispute?

Yes. Simply follow the dispute instructions listed above and provide us with a copy of your payment receipt. If the dispute decision is in your favor, the amount that you have paid will be refunded.

You can only dispute a violation that has been posted to your account within the last 120 days, even if it is paid.
What documents do I need to dispute my violation?

Please ensure when disputing a violation that you have the following documents with you:

- Registration Card
- Payment Receipt (if the violation is already paid)
- Personal ID or Labour Card or Driving License
- Trade License (for Companies only)
Can I dispute a violation again if I do not agree with the outcome communicated to me?

If you have any further evidence that supports your dispute, you have the right to appeal the outcome of your original dispute by submitting your request in writing, along with your additional evidence, to the following address


P.O. Box: 118899


United Arab Emirates

I have changed my mobile number from the one listed on my Salik account, what do I do?
If you have changed the mobile number that is currently listed on your account you should contact Salik immediately, through the Salik Call Centre (800-72545) or the Salik Contact Us Form or by visiting a customer service center, to update your Salik account details. If you do not inform Salik, we will be unable to send you messages of low balance and other important account information resulting in you receiving violations
What if I sell my car and do not purchase another one, what happens to the balance in my Salik account?
First you MUST contact Salik to advise us of the sale of your vehicle so that we can update your Salik account. We will keep your account open with the existing balance ready for when you do purchase a new vehicle.
Please note that if there is no deduction from your account for 3 years after the date of your last trip; your account balance will be forfeited.
I am leaving the country, how do I claim my Salik account balance?
Salik do not refund account balances. The balance will be kept in your Salik account for 3 years after which time it is forfeited
Can I transfer my account balance to my friend’s/relative’s Salik account?
Salik does not transfer account balances to other accounts.
What happens if I do not use the toll gates for a long period of time?
If you do not pass through a Salik gantry OR make an account recharge for a period of 5 years then  your Salik account balance will be forfeited. Salik will send you an SMS notification one month, and again at two weeks, prior to the 5 years elapsing, to advice you of the pending account forfeit.
Are there any exceptions from Toll fees?
Only vehicles registered as military, police, ambulances, school and college buses, RTA public buses and the disabled are exempted.
Do tourists need to buy Salik Tag?

All visitors from other Emirates and other countries are obliged to participate and buy Salik tags. When a tourist rents a car it will already have a tag. If they prefer to drive their own car they will have to buy a tag. This tag will be active for several years, if the tag or car window is not damaged.

There are signboards at all of Dubai’s entry points showing the toll gate locations, the free exits and points of sale.
When will you start tolling at the new gates?
The new toll gates commenced operation on the 15th April 2013.
Where are the new Salik Toll Gates?
There are two new Salik Toll locations. One, consisting of two gates, is  located on Al Ittihad Road (Al Mamzar) and the other one is located on Beirut Street (Airport Tunnel).
How can I avoid the new toll gates?

This depends on your trip destination and your starting location; for more assistance you can visit www.RTA.gov.ae “Journey Planner”and select the best route that suits you.

Do I need a new Salik tag to pass through the new toll gates?
No. If you already have a Salik tag, you do not need to purchase a new one. However, if you do not have a Salik tag you should purchase one to avoid receiving violations.
How much are motorists charged to pass through the new toll gates?
Salik’s toll fee has not changed. Each time you pass through any one of the Salik toll gates, AED 4 is deducted from your Salik account.
If I stop under a Salik gate will I be charged more than one Salik Toll
No, this will not happen.
If I pass through both Al Mamzar gates will I be charged twice?

No. If you pass through both Al Mamzar gates in the same direction, you will only be charged for one Salik trip at AED 4. 

If I pass through an Al Mamzar gate and then Beirut Street (Airport Tunnel) will I be charged at both Gates?

Yes. a discount is only applicable while traveling through the two Al Mamzar toll gates in the same direction as currently is the case for Safa / Barsha toll gates.

If I pass through one Al Mamzar gate, take the next exit and return through the Salik toll gate on the opposite side of the road, will I be charged at both gates ?

Yes, a discount is only applicable while traveling through the two Al Mamzar toll gates in the same direction as currently is the case for Safa / Barsha toll gates. 

Do the new Salik gates have a 'free' time period like Al Maktoum Bridge?
No, no such business rule applies to these gates
What disabled categories are eligible for exemption from Salik Toll Fees

Customers with the following disabilities are eligible to apply for exemption from Salik Toll Fees:

  • Mental disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • Autism
  • Visual disabilities
Can’t find the answer you were looking for? Fill in our Contact Us form and ask Salik. We will get back to you in 48 working hours. 

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